Sunday, September 21, 2008

Isn't it time for world money?

"Money can be anything that people in a community will accept as carrying on the basic functions of providing a unit of value, a medium of exchange, and a store of value."
Shann Turnbull, Coordinator of the World Economic Commission, WG
Building Sustainable Communities NY: The Bootstrap Press, 1989

"The quantity of physical , cosmic energy wealth as radiation receiving aboard planet
Earth each minute is greater than all the energy used annually by all humanity."

Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path, St, Martin's Press, 1981

" Transparency in monetary policy is a goal we should all support.
When economic trouble hits, free markets and free trade often are blamed, while the harmful effects of a fiat monetary system are ignored.
U.S. Congressman Ron Paul
(Statement at Hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, February 15, 2007)

There are about 200 nation-states on planet Earth. Each one has its own currency. Given our instant communication technology, they are all "floating" in the digital world at any instant accessible to one and all with a computer with the capability of "going online." In short, you and I can buy and sell national currencies sitting in our kimonos at home. It's called "speculation." Buy low, sell high. Become a millionaire or even a billionaire like George Soros without producing any real wealth or providing any real community service.

National currencies have become simply a "product."

"...those who have learned to make money with money-which money can never be anything but a medium of wealth exchanging-have now completely severed money from its constant functional identity with real wealth. With their game of making money with money the money-makers and their economists continue to exploit the general political and religious world's assumptions that a fundamental inadequacy of human life support exists around the planet."
Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path, Chapter, The World Game

Our government has its own currency: World Kilowatt Dollars.

"In this cosmically uniform, common energy-value system for all humanity" Fuller wrote, "costing will be expressed in kilowatt hours, watt-hours, and watt-seconds of work. Kilowatt-hours will become the prime criteria of costing the production of the complex of metabolic involvements per each function or item. These uniform energy valuations will replace all the world's wildly intervarying, opinion-gambled-upon, top-power=system-manipulatable monetary systems. The time-energy world accounting system will do away with all the inequities now occurring in regard to the arbitrarily maneuverable banker-invented, international balance-of-trade accounting"

The first printing was at Queen City Press of Burlington, VT, in 1992. The quantity was 5,000 bills, numbered, on quasi-security paper (not cloth), not engraved and signed by yours truly. Admittedly, it was a rush job as we were scheduled to attend the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June, 1992 where our government had rented a 2 meter stand from which we issued our World Passport and other human rights documents.

The 5,000 bills were placed on the table facing the crowd which gathered around curious as to what the World Government and its agency, the World Service Authority was all about. As chief informator, I was explaining from morning till the evening close its principles, history and operation. Many world passports were issued directly from the stand. Many of the onlookers complained that "You Americans are rich while we Brazilians are poor." It was hot. The sun was blazing outside. Suddenly it occurred to me on the third day, that the World Kilowatt Dollars could serve a powerful educational purpose. I picked up a handful.

"You claim you are poor and we, Americans are rich," I started. "But that sun out there is pouring billions of kilowatts on your land every second.* That's energy and power. And that's what money represents: crystallized energy as a great thinker, Buckminster Fuller, wrote. "These bills I hold in my hand represent solar energy. They are the first world money. I'm going to give each person here one 10 kilowatt dollar bill as a free gift. This is a limited edition. You might not be able to spend it in your local grocery but hold on to it. It will become a collector's item in due course."

Eager hands stretched out immediately. Everybody wanted the "world money." The news spread around the conference grounds: "The World Government is giving away free money!" This continued throughout the entire Summit. I was continually reminded of Bucky's words of wisdom that

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Today's US economic news is replete with examples of crisis and disaster. Bailouts of prestigious institutions like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehmann Bros., Merrill Lynch, the American International Group costing billions of fiat dollars are signposts of a global systemic breakdown. Again, Fuller exposes the underlying cause:

"There can be no planetary equity until all the sovereign nations are abolished and we have but one accounting system-that of the one family of humans aboard Spaceship Earth."

Moreover, practical innovator that he was, when asked what one program he would propose to effect such a revolutionary change in people's thinking, he replied

"The first step in bringing about the desovereignization will be the closing of the gaps in the world electric power grid. The world-unifying electric power accounting will be the beginning of the omnienergy accounting for world economic management." (See

The World Government of World Citizens will open its own bank in the near future, the Mondo Mutual Bank Ltd. Discussions are being held now with world-class economists on this vital subject led by our own Coordinator of the World Economic Commission, Shann Turnbull.

In our next blog, we will report on the progress of this vital addition to World Government services. In the meantime, World Kilowatt Dollars are available in the "catalogue" section of our main web site: Also, in our 2nd book, World Government, Ready Or Not!, the chapter, Who Owns The World? further elucidates the subject of world currency, etc.

*Because energy is wealth, the integrating world network means access of all humanity everywhere to the total operative commonwealth of earth." Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path.


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  1. Hi!
    Sounds great! Let's get this program started asap! When does this World citizens' bank open up? Please keep us posted - and then we all should just trade in our Us money or other government money for Kilowatts? And as we start using it amongst eachother, it will give power to this World Citizens group, and disempower the Us government and all the national governments.. BAsically by just going forward with it we can go around them to take our power back and implement this new plan.. As the old governments wont have power if we dont use their money, right?
    Any other thoughts about when and how we are going to start taking action to do this? A date to get it started, etc?
    As this is my thought - Let's Do it! I am onboard... :)