Friday, January 21, 2011

World Citizenship

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  1. Gary, thank you for your fantastic contribution to humanity. I'm going to be synchronizing with your blogging throughout 2011. See my posts on world citizenship, the coming food crisis, and contraction and convergence for my last three posts in this series.

    I am in the process of making the paradigm shift to world citizenship, and I want to study and blog about your work over the course of the year (I have dedicated Mondays to work on world citizenship and global governance). If you take a look at the above posts - particularly my latest on contraction and convergence - you will get a pretty good picture of where I am at. I've studied much of your website, but before I dig deeper, I thought I would send you a note, refer you to my writing, and ask for your thoughts about how to further synergize with View From My Space.

    This is perhaps a far-out suggestion, but I wonder if you would consider synchronizing with me in a world citizenship blogathon on Mondays in 2011? Mondayilisation! I have a lot of questions and comments I can throw your way, and I know you have years of leadership, experience, and content to send my way. If we create a robust dialogue that is time-synchronized on the Web, my conviction is that other bloggers will eventually join in, and we will grow a Buckminsterfullerene world government "crystal" within the distributed cognitive architecture of the Web itself (again, see my contraction and convergence post). The key is consistent weekly posting - which will be easier and more enjoyable to maintain for both of us, I believe, if it is in dialogue form.

    What do you think?

    All the best,